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Once you subscribe to take on the TraderDock Challenge, you sign up to a recurring monthly payment until one of the following events occurs:

  • You successfully pass the TraderDock Challenge
  • You decide not to continue, in which case you provide with 5 days notice of your intention to cancel

The monthly payment does not affect the status of your account E.g. it does not reset your Net P&L. It simply maintains access to the live market data, RTrader Pro, your TraderDock account, your TraderDock dashboard and thereby continues your eligibility to receive a financially backed trading account once you pass the Challenge. 

RESETS: Note that you may reset your balance and rules at any time for $100 by clicking the RESET button on the TraderDock Dashboard.The reset fee is a once off payment and does not impact the timing of your recurring subscription payment. 

When you pass the TraderDock Challenge, the recurring monthly payments associated with the TraderDock Challenge cease. You will however be billed by CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) $105 per month for each CME sub-exchange you would like to trade. The four CME exchange sub-exchanges are: 1. CME (equity indices such as e-mini S&P500) 2. NYMEX (energy markets such as Crude Oil) 3. CBOT (Treasury bonds and commodities such as US 10 Year or corn) 4. COMEX (metals such as gold). 


Please contact to inform us of any change in your billing information.

In order to cancel your account, you need to email with 5 days notice of your cancellation. 

Please send the email from your TraderDock registered email account and include:

- your name

- your address

- your reason for cancellation