TraderDock - Come Trade Our Capital

By subscribing to the TraderDock Challenge, you automatically agree to a recurring monthly payment until one of the following events occurs:

  • You successfully pass the TraderDock Challenge
  • You decide not to continue, in which case you provide with at least 2 days notice of your intention to cancel

The monthly subscription payment maintains access to the live market data, TT and your TraderDock dashboard and thereby continues your eligibility to receive a financially backed live trading account once you graduate from the Challenge.


The account reset fee is a once-off fee of $100. 

When you break a Challenge risk rule, you must reset your account in order to be eligible for a live trading account. The Reset button is located to the top left of the TraderDock Dashboard. By pressing the Reset button, and making the payment of $100 you have agreed to begin the TraderDock Challenge from the beginning of Stage 1. Your existing Challenge account will be archived but the stats from that account will still be visible by selcting it in the dropdown menu to the top left of the TraderDock Dashboard for reference of your trading progress.  Once payment is confrimed TraderDock Support will set up a new TT account and will email those account details to you once the reset is complete. 

Please contact to inform us of any change in your billing information.