TraderDock - Come Trade Our Capital

All live Trading is managed and supported by our partner firm Positive Equity. TraderDock Ltd. does not support live trading accounts. TraderDock is an online trading challenge that provides a simulated trading environment for those that are interested in trading to improve their strategies and show that they have the skills required to make profits consistently

  • Trade at least 10 days month: We are invested in helping you to become a consistently profitable trader. It is in Positive’s interest as well as yours that you practice trading as much as possible. There are twenty trading days in each calendar month, notwithstanding those with trading holidays.
  • Adhere to the Maximum Position as per Live Scaling Plan
  • Avoid Hitting Your Daily Loss Limit: Hitting the Daily Loss Limit means losing $1,000 or more including Commission in one trading day.
  • Avoid Hitting Your Max Drawdown: By hitting or exceeding your Max Drawdown, you have broken a key trading rule. Max Drawdown is an after-commission P&L stop and marks the max loss limit on the Trading Account. Note: We DO NOT use a TRAILING max drawdown. 
  • Trade Permitted Products Only
  • Trade During Supported Trade Times Only: All positions MUST be closed by 9 PM Dublin / London time. Trading day starts at 7AM Dublin / London time and ends at 9 PM Dublin / London time. No Weekend or Holiday trading Permitted. 
  • Do not hold any positions during or immediately after Major Economic Releases:
    • ADP/Non-Farm Employment Announcements
    • Central Bank Announcements
    • Crop Production
    • Crude Oil Inventories
    • EIA Natural Gas Report
    • FOMC Minutes
    • FOMC Statement / Meeting Annoucement
    • Unemployment Rate / Claims
    • US GDP (Advance, Preliminary, Final)