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TraderDock Challenge

Trade for at least 15 days. Hit your profit target. Avoid loss limits and rule breaks. Be consistent*.
There is no upper time limit. Practice pays off and working to achieve a higher Net Profit in the TraderDock Challenge earns you a more powerful real-money trading account.

Trading Days
Profit Target
Daily Loss Limit
Max Drawdown
Trading Power
Price Per Month
5 Lots

*NB: We measure consistency by discounting your largest trading day to equal the value of your average positive day. Consistency breeds long-term success.

The TraderDock Difference - One Challenge | Unlimited Potential

The Net Profit you achieve in the TraderDock Challenge determines the risk rules that Positive Equity will apply to your remote trading account as per the table below. Consistent trading with Positive Equity will push these boundaries even further. With TraderDock, there are no limits to your potential growth.

Net Profit in Challenge $2,500+ $3,000+ $4,500+
Your Account Type Bronze Silver  Gold
Your Profit Share 60% 70% 80%
Achievable Trading Power 5 lots 10 lots 35 lots
Daily Loss Limit $1,000 $1,000 $1,500
Max Drawdown $2,000 $2,000 $3,000
Monthly Price $200 $375 $200 $650 $200

Objectives & Expectations

Maximise Net Profits trading supported products while adhering to the following:

Trade for a minimum of 15 Days

Practice makes perfect. There is no substitute for time spent trading with something to gain and something to lose.

Avoid Daily Loss Limit and Max Drawdown

Strong risk management keeps you in the game longer, so that you can strike when the best opportunities arise.

Trade only during suppported trading times

Trade from the European Open to the US Cash Close. 

Supported Platforms