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The TraderDock Challenge

The TraderDock Challenge

So you want to be a superstar trader. You’ve come to the right place. Our partners (Positive Equity) have trained and mentored many superstar traders through their professional Trader Training Program. The essence of this program is now distilled into the framework of the TraderDock Challenge. We will be with you every step of the way, from novice to live professional trader.  The only substitute for practice is practice with accountability. With the TraderDock Challenge, you have a realistic profit goal to aim for, a solid risk framework to trade within and statistical feedback relevant to your progress to help your trading develop over time. There is no upper time limit in achieving your trading target but you must show at least 20 days of trading activity to graduate. Superstar traders focus on consistency!*.

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TraderDock Challenge

5 Lots

Challenge Targets & Risk Rules

Maximise Net Profits trading supported products while adhering to TraderDock Challenge Risk Rules:

Stage 1 Profit Target:    $2,500    Stage 2 Profit Target:     $2,500-Bronze    $3,000-Silver     $4,500-Gold

Trade for a minimum of 10 Days in both Stages

There is no upper time limit to achieving your profit targets but we do need a track record of 10 days with trade activity in each stage. Superstar traders focus on consistency.

Avoid Daily Loss Limit of - $1,000

If you hit the daily loss limit you must restart the Challenge to be eligible for a live trading account. A reset fee of $100 allows you to begin the Challenge again from scratch.

Avoid Hitting Your Max Drawdown of - $2,000

If you hit or exceed the -$2,000 max drawdown, you must restart the Challenge to be eligible for a live trading account. This is NOT a trailing limit. 

Trade Permitted Products Only

CME Futures only at moment including S&P (ES), Euro (6E), Gold (GC) and Crude Oil (CL). The full list of products and their associated commissions are listed in this FAQ

Do not Exceed your Max Trading Power 5 Lots

Exceeding 5 lots shows lack of trading practice and/or lack of trading discipline and will require an account reset. 1 or 2 lots is sufficient to reach the targets given leverage in futures. 

Trade During Supported Trading Hours Only

All positions MUST be closed by 9 PM Dublin / London. Trading day starts at 7AM and ends at 9 PM Dublin / London time. Otherwise a reset is required.

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