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The TraderDock Challenge



The TraderDock Challenge

So you want to be a superstar trader. You’ve come to the right place. Our partners (Positive Equity) have trained and mentored many superstar traders through their professional Trader Training Program. The essence of this program is now distilled into the framework of the TraderDock Challenge. We will be with you every step of the way, from novice to live professional trader.  The only substitute for practice is practice with accountability. With the TraderDock Challenge, you have a realistic profit goal to aim for, a solid risk framework to trade within and statistical feedback relevant to your progress to help your trading develop over time. There is no upper time limit in achieving your trading target but you must show at least 20 days of trading activity to graduate. Superstar traders focus on consistency!*.

Buying Power
Profit Target
Daily Loss Limit
Max Drawdown
Virtual Starting Balance
Buying Power When Live
Price Per Month

TraderDock Challenge

5 Lots

Profit Target and Risk Rules

Maximise Net Profits trading supported products while adhering to the following:

Trade for a minimum of 10 Days in both Stages

Superstar traders focus on consistency. There is no substitute for time spent trading the markets. Pratice with accountability makes perfect.

Avoid Daily Loss Limit and Max Drawdown

Strong risk management keeps you in the game longer, so that you can strike when the best opportunities arise.

Trade only during suppported trading times

Trade from 7am to 9pm Dublin/London time.

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